Family CFO

We serve as a single point of contact and integrate each financial silo ensuring all members of the advisory team are coordinated in their efforts.

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We add net worth value by making sure all aspects of a client's balance sheet are reviewed and quarterback the collective efforts of CPA's, attorneys, insurance agents, and banks. Our integrated team consisting of various subject matter experts assists clients in the following areas:

  • Tax and Estate Planning

    We work with tax attorneys and CPA's to make certain clients have the appropriate structures in place to efficiently protect and transfer wealth. In the case our clients come to us with existing infrastructure already in place, we conduct a review of their estate documents to ensure their plans still fit their current circumstances and we make modification recommendations where necessary. We also regularly perform pre-transaction planning for clients getting ready to sell their business and recommend various strategies and techniques to mitigate taxes, transfer wealth, and protect assets. We serve as a liaison and communicate with client's outside counsel. In the event clients require an independent corporate fiduciary, we assist clients in selecting an independent trust company that best suits their needs.

  • Credit Solutions

    We work with several custodians and banks to provide various credit solutions helping clients optimize their debt. We have experience structuring collateralized lines of credit secured by marketable securities, art financing, letters of credit, commercial loans, aircraft financing, and mortgages.

  • Concentrated Positions

    For clients who have concentrated stock positions, we help mitigate concentration risk using listed or over-the-counter options, exchange funds, 10b5-1 plans, and divesting strategies.

  • Life and Property &
    Casualty Insurance

    We identify independent insurance brokers and conduct diagnostics to review coverage, premiums, and make changes if appropriate. We do not sell insurance and are not compensated when brokers place coverage with the carriers.

  • Cash Flow Projections and Planning

    We perform an extensive analysis showing potential portfolio outcomes combined with a client's spending, taxes, liabilities, charitable obligations, and income sources.

  • Alternative Investment Consulting

    In addition to the alternative investments we source and implement as part of our portfolios, we often provide counsel to clients on private loans and direct private equity deals under consideration.