Core Beliefs

Abiding by the classic principles of integrity, determination, and passion are a given at HIC. Our core beliefs are innately engraved in our DNA as individuals and professionals and are the key difference in delivering results to our clients.

  • Wired to Serve

    Average is a commodity and the industry is riddled with average.

  • Personalize the

    We handle every situation with extreme care and put ourselves in our client's shoes when evaluating options.

  • Fierce Advocacy

    Our job and purpose are to advocate for our clients no matter what or who we are facing.

  • Critical Thinkers

    We use our combined experience to constantly challenge conventional methods and to pioneer and implement best practices. We are not the typical uninformed robo-advisor who gathers assets and places them into cookie cutter solutions.

  • Recommendations with

    We get paid for our expertise and opinions and our clients want to hear our thoughts. Therefore, we do not act neutral and share the onus of decisions but rather provide guidance and recommendations with conviction.

  • Our Job is our

    We live by our core principles and don’t list them as marketing fluff. Ask our existing clients.